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Photo Records of the Guyton & Harrington Mule Company Properties.
Guyton & Harrington. Photo Records of the Guyton & Harrington Mule Company Properties. With a truthful description of the buying, selling, feeding and shipping facilities and a detailed review of each feeding station. of the hospital accomodations and the pastures and stable space on all their holdings, [privately printed for] Guyton & Harrington, Kansas City, MO, circa. 1915 £950
Oblong folio, ff. [74]; numerous photogravure and illustrations together with 4 double leaf panoramas and large folding sketch map; original brown cloth backed bevelled booards, lettered in black

A rare and copiously illustrated account of one of the main United States suppliers to the British Army during WWI of Horses and Mules. The upper cover states that the works was ‘compiled for Major General Sir Frederick Benson K.C.B. One of only a few copies printed, this for presentation to Major-General Benson, head of the commissioners of the Remount Department of the British Army, charged with buying mules and horses for the war effort. By 1918, the company had supplied 350,000 animals for the European and Indian theatres of war.. The Who Was Who entry for Sir Frederick Benson reads as follows: Volunteer, Fenian raids in Canada 1866; joined 21 Hussars 1869; transferred to 12 Royal Lancers 1876; Staff College 1880; Capt, 5 Dragoon Guards 1880; transferred to 17 Lancers 1881; Aide-de-camp to Lt Governor, North West Frontier, India 1877; Bde Maj, Poona, India 1882-1884; Garrison Instructor, Bengal, India 1884-1890; Commander, Egyptian Cavalry 1892-1894; Deputy Assistant Adjutant General (Instruction) Dublin, Ireland 1895-1898; Assistant Adjutant General, Chief Staff Officer, South Eastern District 1898-1900; Assistant Adjutant General 6 Div, South African Field Force 1900-1901; Inspector General of Remounts 1903-1904; Director of Transport and Remounts 1904-1907; Maj Gen in charge of Administration 1907-1909; retired 1909. Clearly he was brought back into service during WWI to help procure mules Major General Sir Frederick Benson was born in St Catharines, Ontario. He served in the 19th Battalion, Canadian Militia, during the Fenian Raids, then went to RMC, and enterd the British Army. He saw service in Bengal, Egypt, and South Africa, retiring in 1910. When war broke out he was recalled to active service and appointed Director of Remounts. He and a small staff came to North America and by October 1915, he had purchased 250,000 horses and had them shipped on 205 transports to the United Kingdom. He died in Montreal in August 1916.

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